mercredi 25 mars 2015

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lundi 27 mai 2013


Yesterday, May 26th, was mother's day in France and today is mother's day in Bolivia. A spirit of profound reverence fills my heart as I ponder in the sacred name of MOTHER and in my mother. I read the words of John in the Bible: "And there stood at the cross of Jesus  HIS MOTHER." Then, my heart is filled with immense gratitude as I recognize the many times my mother stood by my side during the times I carried my different "crosses." A poem from George Griffith Fetter comes to mind: "The noblest thoughts my soul can claim. The holiest words my tongue can frame, unworthy are to frame the name more sacred than all other. An infant when her love first came. A man, I find just still the same. Reverently I breath her name: the blessed name of a Mother." And, I say yes, blessed and sacred is the name of MOTHER.

Yesterday, I received a beautiful message from my best friend's mother saying: "... to be a mother is not always easy. Sometimes we do certain things for the good of our children but they do not realize that it is for their good; they understand it later, sometimes when they are parents themselves. [But], my joy is my children. They are the most important thing to me, along with my husband. I love them so much!" I was not expecting it but tears came as I read this message. I felt it very deep, as if my mother would have said the same things. This happens so often. It is true that many times, as children, we do not realize the things mothers do for us until later. We do not realize how much our mothers do for us until they are gone. I've taken in that even if they only pray for us, they already do a lot. Boyd K. Packer said: "There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a mother." It is true.

When I was in Bolivia, mother's day was a touching holiday for me. There were flowers all around, especially red roses. There was music as well. The rich people would serenade their mothers at six or seven in the morning. It was fun to wake up to those sounds. All the restaurants had their buffets with especial dishes and even live music to attract families to dine there. Mothers who work were given half of the day off to enjoy with their families. The churches had dinners and dances for their member mothers and the schools were filled with celebrations of poems and music of children honoring their mothers. Husbands trying to cook for their wives. Children trying to be more obedient than usual. There was something like the spirit of Christmas. There was sweetness in the air. I think all of this was related to what Thomas S. Monson said: "May each of us treasure this truth; one cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one." God and mother are one.

Love is spoken in the home where a mother is loved and respected. "Men and women turn from evil and turn to their better natures when mother is remembered." There are many ways to forget mother. "Whenever we fall and don't rise up, whenever we do less that we ought, in a very real way we forget mother." Please, do not forget your mother even if she seems imperfect. Though I firmly know that I will see my mother again, though I know she is safely home, I would give so much to listen to my mother's voice once again and to feel her arms around me. A mother is a gift from God. A mother is an angel sent from Heavenly Father to us.

Dearest mother, I hope people get to know you as they see the good in me.

dimanche 5 mai 2013


Today I gave in into my emotions. Today I gave in into the deep feelings of emptiness I have been feeling since I came  back from Hawaii to Provo. Provo seems so gray, empty and so lonely. Could it be because it is cold or the sun does not shine as it does in Hawaii? Or could it be because the people who are close to me are not here? Or both? Something feels different. It is like I am a different person. May be traveling does this to you? But why do I feel this way? I was not expecting to feel this way after my trip. However, as I was pondering about the reasons why I could be feeling this void and looking for ways to get some inspiration, I found something Jaren Meldrum wrote long time ago. He said:

" I will not try to suppress or lie about my feelings. I am not afraid to cry or be vulnerable.  I form relationships very openly and willingly. I love to love people. I love to learn about others. I love to share experiences with them. I think I form deep friendships so willingly because they are a source of the strongest emotions in my life. I don’t consider myself to be an emotionally out-of-control person, but I like to feel strong emotions; it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel human. I believe emotions and emotional awareness separate us as a species. I seek to understand myself. When I feel something, I want to understand why. It makes me unafraid to feel strong emotions. I hope to never shy away from embracing an emotion head on." 

When I read this, I allowed myself to freely feel human and learn from my emotions today. I stopped ignoring my hollowness. It was refreshing. I remembered how good and normal that is. Today, I allowed myself to freely cry for the loneliness I feel right now. I am still getting used to the fact that I need to make some important decisions without any input of a parent. It is not easy and sometimes I can't help to be afraid to make a mistake that may hurt someone I love. It is going to be Mother's Day next Sunday and the adds and the many mothers I see around really make me miss my mother these days. Sometimes it feels that the more time passes, the more I feel the empty spot she left in my heart. And, besides my mother, today I allowed myself to miss my roommates from this past semester, my friends, and especially my best friend.

 I watched " Les Miserables" in Hawaii for the first time last Tuesday. It really touched me the song " Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" that the character Marius sings. The lyrics of that song really reached me because sometimes despite how much hope for things to stay the same, we are granted limited time with the people we love. Life brings and takes away. Time comes and goes, and with it people. I have seen so many people come and go in my life and it felt like my heart could sing like Marius: " There is a grief that can't be spoken. There is a pain that goes on and on. Phantom faces at the window. Phantom shadows in the floor. Empty chairs and empty tables. Where my friends will meet no more."  Is there any meaning behind this missing? Is there a purpose behind these feelings?

To allow my true feelings flow today, it allowed me to learn. I feel a special sense of gratefulness for the emptiness I felt today. It reminded me that life is eternal and so are our relationships with people. Thanks to our Father in Heaven this is possible and I am so grateful for this to Him.  It helped me to be grateful for the mother I have and for the things that she taught me. There may be a reason why she is not here today. There may be some growth that I need to make that is not going to come otherwise. I am grateful to know that our Heavenly Father trusts me this much. I am grateful for the interactions I have had with different people, who have come and go at different times of my life, and for the conversations I have had with them over what they are now " empty chairs and empty tables." Memories are a strength to me. In the same way, I am grateful for family. In Hawaii I learned that the history of the earth testifies that we belong to a big family. " Our ancestors live among us." And ultimately, I am very grateful for my best friend. Though we are more than 2, 889 miles apart, we are close despite the distance. Though we are two imperfect people, our friendship is true and it is perfect and celestial in its own way despite the obstacles we sometimes encounter.  My best friend makes my life very beautiful. 

The "empty chairs and empty tables, the phantom faces in the windows and the phantom shadows in the floor" today turned my emptiness into gratefulness... They reminded me that there was life there...and I am blessed to have had it.

vendredi 19 avril 2013

"Les misérable"

Lorsque j'étais aux états-unis, moi et ma meilleur ami nous avons regardé le film "Les misérables" réalisé en 1998 par Bile August inspiré de l'oeuvre de Victor Hugo. Bien sûr, vous vous demandez sûrement "Pourquoi lui a t'il fallu aller jusque aux States pour voir cette représentation cinématographique d'un des plus grand patrimoine culturel français ?". Et bien simplement parce que avant cela je ne connaissait cette oeuvre que de nom. "Oh quel honte !! Un français qui ne connais pas les misérables !!" Il y a quelques jours encore, je demandais à tous mes amis si il avait lu le livre, vu un des films ou au moins connaissaient l'histoire.... seulement deux ou trois on put me répondre positivement (et non je n'ai pas que deux ou trois amis !). En même temps j'ai fait le teste avec mes amis étrangers, et en particuliers les américains, et là tous étaient capables de me raconter l'histoire (plus au moins comprise ou interprété). C'est quand même affligeant de ce rendre compte que des étrangers connaisse mieux certains points de notre culture (qui a mon avis est une des plus belle et complète du monde) que nous. C'est comme les footballeurs muets pendant la Marseillaise, et à côté des chinois qui chante haut et fort notre hymne national sur les place publique, le revendiquant comme "hymne international". Les Américains ont fait des films à gros budgets, des comédies musicales, des chant emblématiques à partir des Misérables. Et nous je doute que nous soyons capable de citer un seul personnage de l'histoire hormis peut-être Jean Valjean ou Cosette (et encore !). C'est affligeant. Ma meilleur amie qui est originaire de Bolivie me raconter que sa mère lui raconter l'histoire de cet homme mis en prison pour un bouché de pain pour l'enfant de sa sœur et qui après avoir trahit un homme qui l'avait accueillit se repentit après s'être fait pardonné par ce même homme, et devint alors un homme bon et généreux. Ou l'histoire de ces hommes lors de l’émeute de Paris en juin 1832, qui combattirent derrière leur barricade pas pour leur liberté, simplement pour du pain, pour la justice ! On encore d'une mère dont les dernière pensée viennent à sa filles qu'elle dût abandonner pour la nourrir, pendant sa lente agonie. Bref.... Les Misérables est une des histoires les plus magnifique qu'il m'a été donné voir. Tout ça pour en venir à quelques jours où j'ai enfin put regarder la toute nouvelle adaptation cinématographique de l'oeuvre  par Tom Hooper, qui en fait n'est pas directement une adaptation du livre mais de la comédie musicale de Broadway. Un conseil, ne vous attendez pas un film attendez vous à une comédie musicale pure et dur ! Tout est chanté, tout sans exception.  Et en anglais en plus ! Je tiens à préciser que la maîtrise de la langue anglaise est essentielle pour regarder ce film. Mais si toutes le conditions sont rassemblé, si l'on s'attend à une comédie musicale, si on sait bien parler anglais pour être en mesure de comprendre les paroles, alors là, peut importe que vous soyez un gros dur à cuir au coeur de pierre, peu importe que vous soyez insensiblement en tout points, même si vous avez une maladie qui vous empêche le sécrétion de larmes.... vous pleurerez. Ce film est tellement magnifique, tellement puissant... Les musiques sont tellement prenantes, les acteurs transmettent tellement d'émotion. J'ai beau cherché, je ne trouve aucune personne capable de chanter "I dreamed a dream" avec tellement d'émotion que Anne Hathaway dans ce film... Susan Boyle tu peux aller te retourner dans ta planque ! Quand je regarde ce film, même si toutes les paroles sont en anglais, je suis tellement fière d'être français ! Quand je vois ces étudiants chantant "Do you hear the people sing" agitant des drapeau rouge en face d'un convoi militaire transportant la dépouille du Général Lamarque, j'en ai des frissons ! Même quand j'entend le petit Gavroche chanter en face des Bourgeois, un pied à la fenêtre de leur voiture pendant que les voix des centaines de parisiens  quémandant un peu de nourriture ou d'argent, retentissent en chantant "Look Down ! and see, the beggars at your feet ! Look Down ! and show some mercy if you can" (Regarde en bas et voit les mendiants à tes pieds ! Regarde en bas et montre un peu de pitié si tu le peux). Tellement épique !!
Je vous passe le lien de quelques musique du film, histoire de vous donner envie de le regarder ;)

Voilà pour moi parmi les plus belles musiques de ce film...
C'était un petit message pour partager mon récent amour pour ce film... Je vous laisse sur cette vidéo  qui montre aussi quelques passages du film en plus d'une musique que vous reconnaîtrez sûrement. Si vous n'avez pas regarder celle autres, regardez au moins celle-ci... s'il vous plaît.
Merci d'avoir lu !

mercredi 17 avril 2013


I have a beautiful black grand piano in front of me and more than a hundred red soft beautiful cushioned chairs around me. I am sitting in an empty auditorium at the Tanner Building. It is pouring rain outside. There is almost no one here right now. Today was the last day of classes and we only have final exams now. Most people are getting ready to party before our finals tests start while I  can't stop thinking about the beautiful classes I had today... I feel very blessed...

Professors here tend to be like parents the last day of school. They talk about life as it truly is. They tell you their stories and the things they know to be true since we may never see them again. They give you their last advice before they let you go into what seems the "real world." These are people who have passion for what they do and they live extraordinary lives. My accounting professor is one of these extraordinary people. He has lived a very fulfilling life!

He told us today: " Life is more about stewardship of the things we own than ownership."  When he said this, it felt very real. He told us the story of a rich lawyer in California who is a friend of his. This lawyer has a passion for teaching youth and he would love to work as an English teacher and be a basket ball couch in a high school. Upon figuring this out, my Professor asked this lawyer: "why don't you do it then?" To what the lawyer replied: " I cannot afford it". "What is it that he can't afford?" My professor said: "it is to give up his expensive cars, his expensive lifestyle that he can't afford. This lawyer has become a slave to his possessions You only live once! And if you only live once, why don't you live doing what you love? Enjoy your youth! Youth is temporary! You have to choose something that when you wake up in the morning is the only thing you want to do. You have to choose something you can't wait to get at it. Find something that you are passionate about. If you find something that you are passionate about, you will be excellent at it. This is a blessing to the world. In this world, there is a lack for excellence! The key to living one's dreams is not money. If money seems to be the issue, I can tell you that the key to finance your dreams is not in the making of more money but in living modestly. Don't spend more than what you make. A life without meaningful work is not worth living at all." I can explain this in another entry: " A life without meaningful work... is not worth living at all..." 

There are more things he said. It was a lecture of an hour and a half. But, today I will only write this part. I am very grateful for the amazing " parents" I am blessed to have at my school. It is a big blessing. It is their stories that have had a great impact in me today, they have left their mark in my heart. As my professor said, there is a need for excellence. "Every person is different and he or she has a contribution to make. No one is destined to fail."

jeudi 4 avril 2013

My favorites Youtubers

Voici mes 4 youtubers préférés... regardez un peu ce qu'ils font...
je vous donne le lien de leur chaine. Et si ça vous plaît, noubliez pas de vous abonner !! ;)

Petter Hollen : --> Chanteur exeptionnel trèèès original

Lindsey Stirling : --> Hiphop violinist 

JubaFilms : --> breakdance et films humoristiques 

et bien sûr... The Piano Guys : --> Musique au piano et/ou au violoncelle 

Jackie Evancho - To believe

Cette petite fille a tout simplement une voie extraordinaire !! C'est incroyable la profondeur de sa voix et la prestance qu'elle possède pour une personne d'un si jeune age... Et la musique... Tout simplement magnifique ! J'ai rarement vu une musique aussi touchante et magnifique. Si seulement les gens percevaient un peu plus la beauté de ces musiques... Le monde serai bien meilleur... 
Mais non, les personnes à notre époque préfèrent écouter des bafouilles synthétiques sur des rythmes 100 fois refaits... Le tous pour clamer leur adoration de la drogue, ou l'état pitoyable dans lequel ils se trouvent à la fin de chaque soirée... ou même pour raconter la manière dont ils on traiter une filles la nuit dernière... 
Quand je vois cette petite fille chanter, au fond de moi je retrouve un peu d'espoir...